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Nitto Premium PVC Duct Tape 204E BLACK 50mmx30m
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Nitto Premium PVC Duct Tape 204E BLACK 50mmx30m

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Nitto 204E is a black premium grade, fully plasticized PVC joining and sealing tape consisting of a pure (no fillers) film with a primed rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive and totally Lead Free.

A true soft tape with excellent physical properties. A good balance between adhesion strength, unwind force and film flexibility assures outstanding workability, high conformability and sealing properties.

Nitto 204E is typically used for joining and primary sealing of pipe work, ducting, above and below ground conduit, corrosion protecting of street light poles, electrical cable insulation and joining polyethylene film for concrete underlay.

(64 per carton)

Brand: Nitto

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