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3M 300 Scotch-Weld HiPa Cleaner Spray, 300g
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3M 300 Scotch-Weld HiPa Cleaner Spray, 300g

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Versatile industrial cleaning solutions in a convenient aerosol form.
Ideal for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces prior to bonding, including the removal of grease, oil, adhesive residue, dirt and dust.

3M Industrial Aerosol Cleaners and Solvents provide convenience and ease of use. They ensure you get the cleanest surfaces in preparation tapes and adhesives bonding, which in turn gives you the strongest results.

An isolpropyl alcohol (IPA) spray recommended to ensure surfaces are free from light contaminates, such as fingerprints and dust, prior to application of 3M tapes and adhesives, particularly 3M VHB Tapes.

12 per carton.

Suitable Industries: (E) Construction

Brand: 3M

Product Information Sheet (PDF)