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3M Doodlebug 8243 Pads RED 118mmx254mm 20 per ctn
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3M Doodlebug 8243 Pads RED 118mmx254mm 20 per ctn

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3M Doodlebug White Cleaning Pad 8243 is a floor maintenance buffing pad made of polyester fiber in an open-web construction. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the non-woven construction with a durable resin system that permeates the entire pad. The pads are nominally one inch thick and sized to fit standard swivel pad holder.

This product is used dry, with water, or with detergent solutions for medium duty cleaning and scrubbing of a variety of surfaces such as floors, concrete, steel , stairs and other hard wearing surfaces. The pads are designed for use with the swivel pad holder system to reach floor areas not accessible to standard floor machines.

This product fits 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder 6472 or 3M Doodlebug Handblock Pad Holder 6473.

Brand: 3M

Product Information Sheet (PDF)