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3M Scotch-Weld Cylinder Adhesive Hose, 3.6m
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3M Scotch-Weld Cylinder Adhesive Hose, 3.6m

Product Code: CYLINDHOSE3.6

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Our line of 3M Cylinder Adhesive Hoses provide convenient length and portability needed to accomplish small, medium and large-area coverage for jobs such as flooring, dry wall, and hard-to-reach areas. The convenience afforded by the various lengths allows the worker to cover areas with tank in hand or from a bulk tank and keep the hose from interfering or tangling. These hoses allow the operator greater access to and around the work area in places that offer limited movement. Made from nylon tubing with a synthetic rubber coating, these lightweight hoses follow the operator without excess resistance and conform to turns and curves along the work path without kinking, lifting, or interfering with the work area. Our hoses were developed especially for use with any of our 3M Cylinder Spray Adhesive products.

3M Cylinder Adhesive hoses are an integral part of our cylinder spray adhesive system. Each cylinder is self-contained, pressurized, and ready for immediate use. Available in a variety of sizes, theyre portable and require minimal equipment investment and maintenance. Their optimized spray patterns cut waste and maximize adhesive coverage. 3M has a complete line of innovative sprayable adhesives that support a wide range of industrial applications, from aerospace to woodworking.

- Flexible hose minimizes interference and tangling
- Portable length hose is easy to use while hand-carrying adhesive tank
- Lightweight nylon tube with synthetic rubber coating improves control and reduces fatigue
- Fits easily and securely fastens to any 3M Cylinder Spray Adhesive tank and applicator gun
- Durable nylon/synthetic rubber hose is flexible for ease of use

Suitable Industries: (E) Construction

Brand: 3M