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Ecoplat Plus Base FR with 2200mm Mast 1500mm Turntable - No Image Available
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Ecoplat Plus Base FR with 2200mm Mast 1500mm Turntable

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If you are currently wrapping your pallets by hand, then the Ecoplat is the perfect upgrade to help save on film costs, reduce user fatigue and increase productivity and efficiency.

The Control Panel on the Ecoplat Plus Base Pallet Wrapper allows you to easily set all the functions of the cycle through the use of electro-mechanical buttons.

The FR spool carriage with electromagnetic brake on return roller. Stretch tension adjustable from control panel. Brake coupling after cycle start for easy film hooking to pallet base. The electromagnetic dust brake ensure an high-precision control of the braking torque and dont emit any polluting material.

The frame of the Ecoplat Pallet Wrappers is built to the strictest safety and quality standards to allow for many years of pallet wrapping in many different environments.

Plate diameter: 1500mm
Max load weight: 1200kg
Pallet dimension: 800mm x 1200mm
Mast height: 2200mm

Brand: Robopac