Fragile White Packaging Tape

Fragile Packaging Tape comes pre-printed with red text so you can easily mark fragile goods, packages or boxes.
The tape is made from polypropylene with a strong acrylic adhesive to ensure it securely attaches to your items.
    • 48mm x 66m
    • Acrylic Adhesive
    • Ideal for identifying cartons, pallets, packaging that need to be carefully handled
Fragile White Packaging Tape



Deb Refresh Azure Foam Hand Wash

Deb Stoko Azure Foam Hand Wash formula foams instantly so you don't have to work it into a lather and it rinses easily from the skin, saving water.

    • 1lt Cartridge
    • Used in kitchens, washrooms and bathrooms
    • Refill is compatible with Deb Dispensers
    • Purchase 6 cartridges and receive a dispenser FREE!
Deb Stoko Refresh Azure Foam Hand Wash 1l Cartridge



3M High Performance Cut-Off Wheel

3M™ High Performance Cut-Off Wheel features 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain for high quality, fast cut and increased productivity and throughput.

The specially-formulated ceramic grain cuts cool, which makes it a good match for heat-sensitive metals like stainless and mild steel. 

While stocks last!

    • 100mm x 2.5mm x 16mm
    • 115mm x 2.5mm x 22mm
3M High Performance Cut-Off Wheel



652x – Clear Polypropylene Packaging Tape

652x is a general purpose packaging tape ideal for use in general warehouse operation Ideal for carton sealing and bag sealing.

    • 36mm x 100m
    • 48 rolls per carton
 652x Clear Polypropylene Packaging Tape