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Introducing 3M Cavity Wax Plus

Introducing 3M Cavity Wax Plus

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October 19, 2016

Introducing 3M Cavity Wax Plus 3M Cavity Wax Plus (PN 8852) is designed to provide a non-hardening, corrosion protective coating for inner body panels and structural members. Effective on steel and aluminium parts, apply after paint work is complete.

Cavity Wax is:
  • Low Viscosity
  • Non-Hardening
  • Corrosion Resistant Chemistry

Cavity Wax is Applied to:
  • Internal portion of auto body panels
  • Both replacement and repaired panels

Cavity Wax is used because:
  • OEM recognition of use
  • I-Car recognition and training (US)
  • Insurance company recognition and
  • Reimbursement

Based on our research:
Cavity Wax suffers from significant under usage because:
  • Technicians do not have a convenient product
  • Equipment does not effectively apply the material
  • Bulk equipment must be cleaned and filled

3M Cavity Wax Plus Wand Kit (PN 8851) includes three actuators and extension wands, two having 360 degree diffuser nozzles. Always point the extension wands in a safe direction when installing actuators for service.

  1. Shake can well (one minute after agitator ball is loose).

  2. While pointing existing actuator in a safe direction grasp and remove straight away from the aerosol valve.

  3. Choose the desired extension wand and install while pointing in a safe direction (away from personnel) by depressing the actuator button onto the valve stem.

  4. Inset the wand into the desired area and depress the actuator button withdrawing the wand slowly allowing the 3M Cavity Wax Plus to adequately cover the area. Repeat one to two more times to ensure proper coverage (avoid electrical components, exhaust systems, and moving parts).

  5. Invert aerosol can and spray until liquid has cleared the wand and nozzle, wipe off excess and return to the storage package as desired.

  6. Wipe off excess from body and/or nozzle with a mild VOC compliant solvent.

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